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Do Books Translate from YouTube?

Every YouTuber under the sun these days seems to have a new book under their predominately digital arms. It’s a big deal. Many of the top bloggers have millions of fans, and the only return from that is what YouTube gives them from ad revenue.

To dial it back a few years for those who aren’t up to speed – YouTube is a massively popular platform for uploading videos, and there are now a lot of people who upload videos to it full-time, and get paid pretty handsomely for it.

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Week Two: FHM

If you read my post about last week you might have thought that I’d had a bit of a ridiculous time, it was just a bluff and there was no way the second week would top that.


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#SSS: Week 19

Welcome back to the first issue of a redesigned ‘Something Old, Something New, Something I Can’t Stop Listening To’. The drill if you have forgotten is this: I pick three pieces of music, that reflect on what I’ve been listening to across the week. One of which is old, one that’s new, and something I keep playing over and over. That’s it.

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