Welcome Back!

Well, being a college student does have it’s downsides sometimes. The blog has been notably quiet for the last month or two as I have been inundated with coursework and revision. Thankfully, that’s all completed now and my last exam was on the Friday.

It’s good to be back writing; this is what I love doing and could happily do so simply to pass the time. I have a couple of ideas lined up for the coming weeks, but after that it’s whatever I happen to come across.

At the time of writing, there really is no structure to the website as such – I give my opinions on what has been happening with me, my life, or anything that has sparked my interest, and as such there is perhaps less in the way of what you, the reader, would like to see. Unless you enjoy what I was and will begin to do again, perhaps reviewing and giving my opinion, then feel free to contact me either via Twitter or by email. It’s always nice to hear suggestions!

Thanks for your patience,

Ben Scott


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