Five of the Worst Things About Job Hunting

I’m not as lazy as you’re making out, it’s not an easy ride and it sucks to feel like there’s no direction after being told where to go and what to do for the last 16 years. University doesn’t guarantee you a job and neither does working hard. But anyone who’s spent more than a few months looking for a job or anybody who hasn’t been handed their job on a plate knows exactly what the majority of the last few months has felt like for me.

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This Week in Weird #2

It’s already that time again, the end of the week is here and you can bet there’s been some ridiculous stuff happening. Sure, you might have seen them before now but to celebrate the weirdest bits of the last seven days they just had to be included. So without further ado, here’s the best ‘This Week in Weird’ you’ve ever seen. Well, it’s definitely in the top two…

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I’ve Given Up on the Ballon d’Or

I get it. It’s a bit like football’s Oscars. Everybody likes a bit of closure each year on who was the best and they deserve a bit of recognition for doing so. Except it’s nothing like the Oscars, really.

Fact is, it looks a bit sketchy. Since 2008, the only two winners have been Lionel Messi and last night’s winner, Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi kept it for four years on the bounce during that and ever since I’ve been pretty dubious of it.

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