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Guest Lecture: Sandra Laville

Loss of faith in journalism has long been an issue, but the phone hacking scandal and subsequent Leveson Inquiry has only fulled that fire further. Crime Correspondent at The Guardian, Sandra Laville, gave a guest lecture to remind Journalism students at University College Falmouth that hope was not all lost.

“I have to be the people’s eyes and ears, to hold the authorities to account and to give people voices who don’t have voices normally,” she said, upon defining her role as a journalist.

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Guest Lecture: Paul du Noyer

“Do everything they ask of you,” was what advice Paul du Noyer had for a guest lecture. “You’ll always gain from whatever it is,” be it work variety, experience or even something completely different altogether.

Paul started as a freelance journlalist for NME, where he managed to get his foot in the door, and advising that that is the most important step. He became a full time journalist from 1979, where he went on to cover Live Aid and many of the riot stories made infamous of that era.

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Guest Lecture: Suzie Smith

Being able to take on many aspects of Journalism is exactly what Suzie Smith, editor of Cornwall Living would look for in a job applicant.

“If I can hire somebody that can write and can also go, ‘I have had a little twiddle with a video camera’ then [I’ll] probably go with that person.”

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