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I’ve Given Up on the Ballon d’Or

I get it. It’s a bit like football’s Oscars. Everybody likes a bit of closure each year on who was the best and they deserve a bit of recognition for doing so. Except it’s nothing like the Oscars, really.

Fact is, it looks a bit sketchy. Since 2008, the only two winners have been Lionel Messi and last night’s winner, Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi kept it for four years on the bounce during that and ever since I’ve been pretty dubious of it.

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Vanishing Spray in the Premier League

In what could be considered one of the shortest petition lifespans, the Premier League have announced that they will be using the World Cup’s infamous ‘magic spray’ starting this season.

Following pressure from fans and campaigning from the Daily Mirror’s #YesToMagicSpray campaign, the FA agreed to equip its referees and assistant referees with the canisters from August.

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Golf Isn’t Just for Old Men

One of the benefits of being at home since I’ve finished University is the ability to get out and play golf.

Obviously it’s nice to be able to see family, friends and do other stuff that I’ve missed out on, even if that’s a mere delayed train and inevitable replacement bus replacement service away.

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