Interning at FHM: The First Week

Last week I had an email asking if I’d be able to help out at FHM starting Monday and I happily accepted. It’s my fourth time returning to help out and this time I’m being paid to do so, with the amount of work (particularly in the coming days) mounting to much more than previously.

Anyway, I thought I’d put this post together so you can have a look at what I’d been up to each week, if there’s plenty going on that is of interest to anyone reading.

We’ll start with what I’ve written that’s been published on the site so far, all four (plus one or two more) are available by following the links in the gallery.

I was lucky enough to be trusted with two interviews this week. I spoke to Max Chilton, brit F1 driver and a true gent for a future Bloke Test. I also travelled to Hackney on Friday to interview Odesza, two-part house rising stars who had flown in as part their European tour and were a pleasure to speak with.

The newest issue was also released this week, which has an interview I did with Akinfenwa. There’s also some work I did on FHM’s Alternative Football Awards, a few features I transcribed and plenty of other exciting stuff – a cover interview with Example and a free 100 Sexiest Women magazine to mention one or two.

There’s plenty of other work going on behind the scenes which will all become clear on Wednesday this week, hopefully. A lot of work will be done in the coming days but it’s already shaping up to be a huge improvement.

In terms of me actually enjoying my time back in London, I’ve spent the Bank Holiday weekend out in the sun, playing crazy golf, eating shrimp, wandering Oxford Street, visiting museums and watching the London Marathon! Had plenty to do while I’ve been busy and plenty more while I’m free.

For now though it’s back to enjoying the last of the weekend and getting ready for the start of a new week.


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