How I Spent My Easter

I’m very aware that this could be fairly reminiscent of the infamous ‘What I did on my Summer Holiday’ paper set back when you’re six years old, full of tragic spelling mistakes and comma-less sentence atrocities. But I don’t have much of an excuse having not updated my blog for three weeks, and I’ve been much busier than normal.


Most of these weeks were spent with my girlfriend in various places doing various things while the weather’s been surprisingly decent. I travelled up to London to meet her and spent the day wandering around museums and other touristy stuff. Our first stop was Five Guys, a US restaurant I’d heard a stupid amount of good things about and that did not disappoint. Greasy burgers, amazing chips (or fries as they’re improperly known) and a crazy machine from the future that dispenses (among other things) Coke Raspberry Vanilla, Strawberry Sprite, and every other combination you can dream up. Seriously.

After that we headed to South Kensington for the Science Museum, not before an underground fifteen minute walk to get there from the station. I hadn’t been for years and I was desperate to go up the escalator in the planetarium but it was shut. Instead, we started at the top, spending ages looking at old medicine techniques, through a creepy floor of waxwork surgeons, down a floor to play with a load of massive wheels, learn things about energy and then look at everything in the gift shop.


It was an exhausting day (not least because we had luggage with us for the next two weeks) but it was good to get home after a long train ride. We spent the next week busying ourselves travelling to Southampton and Fareham to wander around shops, enjoy the good weather at the beach or just go on a walk. There’s not as much to do where I live so it’s a toss up between travelling to places that are more interesting (like IKEA, apparently) or making do with the things you’d expect to find in a sleepy village.

After a week we headed to Devon, accompanied by a delayed train journey. I won a free McDonald’s hash brown so it wasn’t a completely terrible day, but we did spend a few hours sat on the floor of a completely full carriage. I was happily mauled by a cat on arrival and the next day we made focaccia bread from scratch. Molto bene. We also visited the local pub to sample proper cider again before descending into wine and spirits, with pretty interesting results for one of us…


I really like Tavistock. Despite it being about as populated as my home town, it’s not as built up which makes for some pretty scenic walks and great views from the top of fields. There were plenty of dogs, a whole herd of sheep and free roaming cows, and the fields also hosted a golf course which I enjoyed sitting watching for a while.


We made it into Plymouth one day for a bit of late Easter shopping and a drink, which changed up the scenery just a little bit. That was before Sunday where we both headed to church in the morning (seeing as I’m dating the vicar’s daughter). She doesn’t normally go to church unless it’s a big occasion like Christmas and Easter. It was actually an enjoyable morning, I can’t remember the last time I was in a church, apart from Harvest Festivals…

One of the last days we had together we actually went into town to eat a proper SW pasty and enjoy the still improving weather. Went for a good old cheese and onion in the end, and decided to treat ourselves to something from the ice cream van while the going was good.


That was really it, I had a four hour train journey before I was home and it’ll be a month or so before I see my girlfriend again. The day after I got back I was asked to interview Lethal Bizzle for FHM (which I’ll link back to when it’s available). I also managed to squeeze in two rounds of golf at Cams Hall and Furzeley respectively, doing pretty well after a month or two away from the clubs. I’ll leave you with this video of my worst drive of the day.

Thanks for reading!


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