Five of the Worst Things About Job Hunting

I’m not as lazy as you’re making out, it’s not an easy ride and it sucks to feel like there’s no direction after being told where to go and what to do for the last 16 years. University doesn’t guarantee you a job and neither does working hard. But anyone who’s spent more than a few months looking for a job or anybody who hasn’t been handed their job on a plate knows exactly what the majority of the last few months has felt like for me.

No Feedback
In a day and age where it’s impossible to not be able to contact someone one way or another, flat out ignoring job applications is just not good enough. I’m not asking for an extended dissertation on the pros and cons of every section of my CV and I appreciate that it might be time consuming, but it’s nice to know that my application was received, because I have no idea if anybody read it, if it’s gone to the wrong person or if it even sent at all. If you are going to send me a reply to tell me I wasn’t successful, great, but I’d love to know why without having to ask for it. Was I under qualified? Surprisingly over qualified?

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 14.26.13
All from last month and not a serious email in sight.

Salary: Competitive
I know it’s minimum wage, you know it’s minimum wage, let’s not beat the proverbial bush to death here. If it was anything other than the bare minimum you can pay me you’d shout about it from every rooftop, so just put an honest amount so I know what to expect and then I can plan rent and costs if I do get the job. I’m not hoping for a footballer’s wages, I know what career I’ve gotten myself into.

Make it clearer. Please?
Make it clearer. Please?

LinkedIn Premium
I’m not bashing LinkedIn, they’re normally a massively helpful service that helps me look a bit more serious on the internet, like wearing cufflinks with a full tracksuit. Seeing as they kept saying I was due a free month of their Premium service, I figured why not. Big mistake. Prepare to have your inbox inundated as if your outside letterbox was knocked through with a wrecking ball and every Domino’s voucher ever produced was redirected to your doorstep. I’m not sure what the benefits were seeing as I still wasn’t contacted about a job and I cancelled my membership days after turning it on.

All from LinkedIn presumably

“How’s the job search going?”
It’s amazing that you’re interested in how my immensely claustrophobic life trying to find a job is going, but I’m running out of things to reply to this with now. Having nothing to show for my hours and hours of typing my CV up, sending them off, rewriting cover letters, tearing down my CV again, completing loosely related application tasks and then getting no feedback (see: ‘no feedback’) is nothing short of infuriating. But when I’m still unemployed a few months down the line, I’ve got nothing to tell anyone who asks me how it’s going other than “not bad”.

I feel like I'm being interviewed when you ask me what I've been doing
I feel like I’m being interviewed when you ask me what I’ve been doing…

Motivation, or lack thereof
Having nothing to get out of bed for is tough. Despite being told by everyone under the sun that being able to lie in till a stupid time in the morning would be ‘amazing’ or that I’m ‘massively lazy’ – I would love for nothing more than to wake up early and get stuck in a traffic jam commuting to work. Seriously. I’ve taken to writing first thing in the morning, going for an early run or even just eating breakfast on time so that I have a reason to not just melt into the bedcovers for an entire day. The work I have been doing in the last few months has felt fantastic even when groggy-eyed because the alternative is hunting for jobs with little to look forward to, and that just about brings us full circle.

FullSizeRender 3
Reading, writing and plenty of typing.

It’s not always like this and I’m thankful for everyone that still looks out for me, drops a helping hand when I need one and the amount of opportunities I’ve had between all this make it worthwhile (particularly at FHM, who’ve had me working away in their offices for five weeks in the recent months). Apologies for the gap in between posts too, it’s hard to juggle writing and job applications, but  I’m starting to realise it’s absolutely necessary to do both. Expect more soon.


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