This Week in Weird #2

It’s already that time again, the end of the week is here and you can bet there’s been some ridiculous stuff happening. Sure, you might have seen them before now but to celebrate the weirdest bits of the last seven days they just had to be included. So without further ado, here’s the best ‘This Week in Weird’ you’ve ever seen. Well, it’s definitely in the top two…

“Whale testicle beer proves hard to swallow”

Whaling is still rife in Iceland, so obviously a beer had to be made

Where better to kick things off than with beer made from a whale’s testicles? The Stedji brewery in Iceland has knocked it up just in time for the country’s mid-Winter festival, Thorri. The recipe includes fin whale testicles (smoked in the traditional way) as well as dried sheep dung. Fin whales are actually listed as endangered on the conservation Red List, but this hasn’t stopped the brewery who just last year made a beer containing whale meat.
Weird Verdict: Whale-y ballsy

“This is how you smuggle 94 iPhones over the Chinese border”

If you coincidentally had your shiny new phone stolen near China this week, this guy might have had it rubbing up against his junk. He was spotted by police because of his “weird walking posture, joint stiffness, and muscle tension,” a common affliction of wearing Apple armour through an airport. The phones are being held by customs officials for the time being but for more about stolen phones, check out this awesome article by WIRED.
Weird Verdict: i(OS), Robot

“Israeli newspaper edits out Angela Merkel from front page on Paris march”

Edited version on the left, original on the right
Edited version on the left, original on the right. It’s like a rubbish game of Spot the Difference

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish newspaper Hamevaser has found itself in a bit of trouble over digitally manipulating its front page images to remove prominent women from the front row of the Paris march, such as Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel and the Mayor of Paris.

Pictures of women are not often shown in the ultra-Orthodox community, where buses and advertising are often defaced for ‘not protecting women’s modesty’.
Weird Verdict: [REDACTED]

“Restaurant gives ‘good-looking’ diners free food”
China, right? Walk into this Korean restaurant in Zhengzhou and if you’re voted the best looking in a group of diners then you’re given a free meal. You have your photo taken on arrival and then a separate panel of staff from a cosmetic surgery clinic judge your features. Yep, they actually hire even more people just to judge the attractiveness of everyone who eats there.

I’m guessing that the one on the right is the Simon Cowell of the panel

Of course, there’s cries to shut down the restaurant immediately for damaging self respect and the like, but it can’t be worse than the diner in the US letting you eat for free if you weighed over 25 stone
Weird Verdict: Beauty and the feast

“Rupert Murdoch’s tweet sparks outrage, fueled by Aziz Ansari”

Bit more serious, this one. You might have seen the tweet there from Rupert Murdoch following the Charlie Hebdo attack, blaming all ‘Moslems’ for failing to control jihadists. Which is completely ridiculous.

Comedian and Parks and Recreation funny man Aziz Ansari jumped on Murdoch’s tweet, attacking him en masse for a whole horde of problems that he should be attributed to on the same basis. “Are you responsible for the evil s— all Christians do or just the insane amount of evil you yourself contribute to?” The hashtag he started, #RupertsFault quickly trended on Twitter, where a whole bunch of people held him accountable for the Big Bang Theory being so popular, for example.

On the opposite end of the scale was Sky News, refusing to show the newest Charlie Hebdo cover, but we won’t talk about that.
Weird Verdict: Murd-ocrisy


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