One Week: Today’s Golfer

I’ve been lucky enough to hit some sort of work experience stride with placements recently, this one being the second since my graduation in September.

A bit different to last time though, I was headed to Peterborough and not London – a slightly longer trip to the capital and then some, accompanied by a load of Geordies in liquid disbelief that they’d just beaten Tottenham.

I got checked in to my room for the week and managed to unpack before I fell asleep, but not until I’d found and finished watching Back to the Future III on TV (top film).

I headed to the office on Monday, surprisingly making it to where I needed to be without getting lost and arriving on time. The building itself is absolutely enormous, covered in glass and three floors high. I didn’t realise it at the time but this is where Bauer is mainly based, and it’s easy to see why.

I met Sophie who was sat next to me for the week and who I was mainly working with. She showed me around everywhere, explained the floor above where I’d be working as mainly admin and advertising departments and brilliantly, even showed me the best way to get to and from work each day.

The floor I was working on was a wealth of desks and seats, divided into publications each with a sign hanging above. I was on the same floor as Match! magazine, Outdoor Fitness, Golf World and about seven fishing titles with hilarious names like Total Carp. I’m not joking.

There wasn’t quite as much to do as with my weeks at FHM, but I had plenty to get on with when it was quiet. Being a specialist magazine, there’s little to focus on that doesn’t concern golf so less news or goings-on gets picked up and reported on by the magazine. Instead, I was busy checking details, prices and information about Scottish courses in between other work.

The stuff that I did write is up on my Published page though, which you can check out by following the image below.

Robert Streb
For downtime there was a putting green (although that was piled with golf trolleys for a review they’d been doing) or there was a sports hall which was used on Mondays and Wednesdays and that I was drafted in to help with. They had an office-wide lunch football match, and after being lent trainers and shorts I was there to fill the one man deficit, not that I did much.

I was blissfully unaware until then of how unfit I’d gotten. I did manage to stick four or five goals in the net, but almost certainly was the reason that we conceded at least three goals. It was a great laugh though, despite sitting at my desk for the rest of the afternoon breathing heavily.

I was taught how to use their CMS which is basically a form you fill out that automatically puts posts together online without having to fiddle with HTML (like I do for these posts). The rest of the time I was editing videos, including instructional videos with professionals or an interview with Francesco Molinari.

On the Friday we went out to the back of the office and filmed a 25 Second Bucket Challenge, started by some of the tour players. They’d notched up as many as four but the staffers managed two each.  I was filming the challenge but handed a wedge and told to have a go myself, the terrible results of which I pulled together and they uploaded yesterday.

Overall, it was great fun and well worth doing. I got to see how a specialist magazine works, as well as how a bunch of magazines share a huge office and work together. It might have been a bit further away and I might have had a bit less to do, but I got to know people better for it and I got a more hands-on experience with their stuff.

Next week I’m headed back up to FHM in London for a fortnight again. If that’s too long to wait, here’s a picture of their lobby and me in a lift.


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