Week One: FHM

In a seemingly infinite summer where I thought I’d never get a reply from a job application until the day I die, FHM decided they’d let me be the one to write a couple of things, take up residence in their office for a few hours a day and not cause too much of a mess.

Thankfully with only a week gone, I’ve already done so much more than that.

On the first day I was introduced to everyone that works there and given a tour of the offices (which they were moving out of at the end of the week, but more on that in a bit) and was blown away by how nice everyone was. More so in an environment where I honestly thought people would be too busy to worry about the intern.

I'm such a London fanboy.

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I’ve done my fair share of the drier activities this week, whether it was mailing out magazines to PR companies, washing bottles of beer and even packing up boxes and sorting out the recycling – but that’s not to say it was all bad. Not a chance.

From the get-go it was pretty clear that I’d be free to write whatever I wanted and submit it to be considered online or possibly in the next print edition. I’ve been working mainly with the web team for the most part, emailing across ideas for topical pieces as and when I thought of them or completing ideas that they had for content – be it a hundred words or just a dozen lines, I was more than happy to help, especially if it meant getting my name out there a bit.

A lot of the web stories seems to be really short reading with plenty of images, but the new web editor is really keen to change that, with plans for longer articles and more topical content. Regardless, I got stuck in and some of the stuff that I wrote this week you can find here.

A highlight of the week was almost certainly Thursday. I transcribed a half hour interview with a bodybuilder and learned a hell of a lot, but also got to visit Google’s London headquarters. It was just round the corner but you’d never know it, as it’s part of a complex that many different companies are based at.

We were greeted by two extremely friendly guys working there (one full time, the other an intern of six months) who told us we would be cooking for the professional chef that worked at the kitchen there. We donned aprons and hats and were let loose in a top kitchen, baffled by the array of ingredients we were greeted with. The idea was to use Google (by asking a tablet we’d each been given to use) how to make something from ingredients we’d never seen before, how we cook them, what wine goes well with them… you get the idea.

We were in teams and had to present to the chef at the end for tasting, our team opting to cook scallops despite never having even eaten scallop before. It was a good laugh but we all got very competitive, to the point that I even cleaned the plates of spare seasoning with a paper towel!


The chef announced that no one had won, but not for the want of trying, we’d both done great dishes with bad bits in that she didn’t like. As an added bonus, we were told to keep the tablets we were using for being such good sports! I was utterly blown away, especially for being on work experience (which I kept trying to remind them, in utter disbelief that I was getting anything free).

Friday even topped that, with me writing two pieces for the web that I thought turned out really quite well, with one put up that day and the other hopefully going up next week. There’s not a much better feeling than getting your work put out there and having people see it.

This was bloody lovely.

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We even went out to lunch together to this properly tasty burger place down the road (see the exceptionally common Instagram picture  above and you’ll get the idea) but for me it was so good just to know the people I was working with even better, and hopefully they enjoyed getting to know me too!

We went back to the office and we’d had a beer session laid on for everyone to tie in with leaving and moving to a new location, which obviously required loads of preparation (we found an old Nerf gun case, ripped out the foam and filled it with ice) and got to meet even more people from the offices of Zoo, Empire and Q.

Thanks to @brewdogofficial for providing ample refreshments for the #FHM office move.

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It had to be said that the working environment is not even close to one – everyone’s constantly talking to one another or making jokes and if the office stereo isn’t on then you can bet that there’s people playing Mario Kart on a bloody enormous TV. I’m yet to see if this changes next week in a new building but I highly doubt it, everyone seems to be doing a job they really enjoy and having fun doing it.

Navigating London has been enough work for me, I’ve already been double charged twice trying to work out a bloody Oyster card. But I can absolutely see myself getting used to this, and would feel right at home.

Roll on week two.