Settle / Pre-Order Details

Disclosure have finally announced pre-order details about their debut album.

Guy and Howard Lawrence, UK born brothers, released the full track listings and cover art last week for their hotly anticipated debut LP, and now we are able to pre-order copies.

Disclosure (AKA Guy and Lawrence Howard)
Disclosure (AKA Guy and Lawrence Howard)

We already knew that the album was named Settle and will be released on June 4th. In just three weeks we will all be able to listen to what the pair have come up with.

Settle is so highly anticipated not only because it’s a debut album, but primarily because of the sheer quality of singles released from it so far. Latch reached number two in the chart and White Noise went to number one, with You & Me on course to also do very well.

The album features guest vocals from Jessie WareJamie Woon and London Grammar as well as many others.

The boys were guests on Zane Lowe’s In Session radio show last night, where they played plenty of live versions of the songs on their album, and spoke about creating the songs, revealing that Confess To Me was first written nearly two years ago.

Zane, who said he had been listening to the album for the last three days praised the boys. ‘You’ve absolutely nailed it,’ he said. ‘It’s fantastic.’

The full track list is below. I’m massively excited for this album, and hearing a solid release date has gotten me even more so.

The Settle back/front artwork (via Disclosure website)

Let me know if you’re looking forward to the release too and the pre-order link is here.

1)        Intro
2)        When a Fire Starts to Burn
3)        Latch [ft. Sam Smith]
4)        F for You
5)        White Noise [ft. AlunaGeorge]
6)        Defeated No More [ft. Ed Mac]
7)        Voices [ft. Sasha Keable]
8)        Second Chance
9)        You & Me [ft. Eliza Doolittle]
10)      January [ft. Jamie Woon]
11)      Confess to Me [ft. Jessie Ware]
12)      Help Me Lose My Mind [ft. London Grammar] 


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