This Is My Favourite Spot

Sorry about missing a post yesterday, even being at home on a late Easter break doesn’t stop you from being busy!

Today’s post is going to be much more of a blog in that I’ll just be writing about my day – and not a topic as normal. If that’s not for you, I’ll have something cool tomorrow to post.

This picture pretty much sums up why I love being home.
This picture pretty much sums up what I love about being home.

I didn’t do a lot today, but what I did do I really enjoyed. I managed to get some work done, emails sent and proofing managed but still had time to enjoy my day. I think that’s the best way for me to be productive anyway – have some sort of reward at the end of work, but keep breaking that work up with different things, as to not get bored.

Once the bulk of work was out of the way, I actually tried to mix some music together. I’ve always wanted to properly learn how to do this, and I keep reading about basic stuff to do with it. I love a hell of a lot of different genres of music, but one of those is House and all it’s siblings, so I see plenty of hour mixes, compilations and continuous mixes.

I tried a live one which was incredibly fun, but some of the overlaps were a bit off. I used a website called Until AM – which is still in beta, but you can mix on the fly with SoundCloud tracks. I also did another version but properly done with Audition, but I’m still not happy with it. If there’s enough interest I may put it up, but it’s more about enjoyment right now.

I didn't actually got through this no handed, it's deeper than it looks...
I didn’t actually got through this no handed, it’s deeper than it looks…

After that though, I was determined to get on my bike while I’m at home. Deciding I’d cycle to one of my favourite spots that I know, I packed up everything I’d need and headed off, and immediately missed cycling. It’s so freeing and something I absolutely used to take for granted, and can’t do at University.

It was muddy though. Got my jeans a bit brown, my shoes and my bike too – all a bit of a state to be honest. It was completely worth it though, the view is beautiful once you get there. I live by the sea no matter where I am, and I can never get bored of being by the sea – and almost certainly will never take it for granted. It gives me an anchor in the world (no pun intended), where living land locked doesn’t.

And I just sat at the edge of this cliff for nearly two hours with nothing to distract me, and completely by myself. I wasn’t bored or lonely, and that’s saying something for someone who can’t go ten minutes without checking his phone. I just listened to music and switched off from the world for a bit.

I was accompanied by this guy in the end, who got some wind up and kept flying past me!

It was nice to speak to strangers who passed me by too. There weren’t many, but I met plenty of dogs and said “good afternoon” to a lot of people – something I haven’t gotten since moving to University, and what would appear a sin from the few times I’ve visited London.

There were also some ‘advanced kite flyers’ – and I’m going to call them that because I have literally no idea what they are. They got up enough speed to just sit and fly up and down the cliffs while I was sat there watching. It looked really fun, and even more relaxing than what I was doing, gradually gaining a wetter bum from sitting on the grass.

Most importantly of all though, it was great to have some time out from everything, think a few things over and realise what’s really important in life. Right now, it’s not what I’ve been focusing on and I’m glad I got that sorted. I expect I’ll be back at this place before I leave for Falmouth again, and I can’t wait to.
Tired as hell, jeans are muddy and its just started raining, but I'm at my favourite spot. #beach #cliff #grass #blue #grey #bike #mud #meOh, and I'm hanging out with this hero #sky #parachute #fun #iwantago


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