Spotify Is Keeping Me Out Of Jail

Spot the embarrassing albums that I own.
Spot the embarrassing albums that I own. No pun intended.

I listen to a lot of music, usually as soon as it comes out and sometimes even before. I follow artists I like on Twitter, Soundcloud and other places to find out when they are releasing new tracks and albums.

On a side note, I’m looking forward to Kings of Leon’s sixth studio album, which they’ve just finished recording.

I, like a lot of people (and perhaps even the majority) will choose to download music for free where I can. It used to be from YouTube but I’m a sucker for sound quality so I changed my ways. I have stacks of music that I don’t own and it’s completely commonplace, despite being illegal. One of the most Googled words is now ‘mp3’ – which speaks for itself.

Into the bulk of the post though, and I purchased Spotify Premium a few weeks ago. I previously took out a 30 day trial a few months back, but I rarely used it and I didn’t like the look at all (design and presentation is a massive factor for me). This time it was different though, and I actually like using it.

Without making this into an advert, (akin to the exceptionally annoying ones that Spotify air to free users, and the main reason I switched) the mobile app in combination with the ability to create offline playlists means that I can literally have access to the music I want, whenever I want it, for about 16p a day.

I’ve set about making offline playlists so I could find some new music and keep a hold of it each month. This was great for the long train journey home, as I could load up a load of music I hadn’t listened to before, without the internet.

I plan on putting out monthly playlists. You can listen to this month's by clicking the image.
I plan on putting out monthly playlists. You can listen to this month’s by clicking the image.

It’s also keeping me from getting a friendly knock on the door and a hefty fine – a Boston University student was hit with one for $675,000, and that’s hardly like repaying the student loan I’ve got waiting for me soon. Spotify are well aware that I’m not alone, but I don’t want to pay a pound for each song on iTunes – meaning I’d only be able to buy five new songs a month for the same price.

One of the other great things it boasts is the ability to queue music, as well as it’s music discovery. Because of this, I can stick about 50 songs in my queue, by searching for one and then using ‘related artists’ to find even more music, and leaving it to just play. Spotify is also extremely social, with it’s recent Facebook partnership meaning that you can follow people you know as well as artists, to see what they are listening to and creating.

Of course, there’s some controversy about how much Spotify actually pays artists for how well their music does, but there’s a far better article available here, if you’re interested. (

Back to the starting point of the post, I’m a complete Spotify convert and hopefully will remain that way. It’s dead easy to use, brilliant at finding music you’ll like with features like it’s Radio and all it’s fancy apps, and it has access to an absolute ton of music, so you’re bound to find something you like.

Who wouldn’t want unlimited access to almost any song you can think of, for a fraction of what it would cost you to purchase them all, and completely legally? I certainly can’t believe it took me this long to finally stick some money down for this service. Praise the heavens for Spotify.

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