Flare Magazine: Reflective Blog V

Well we are fast approaching the final straight, and it’s more about polish than it is about production now. Almost all the articles are in the magazine, and the only adjustments that need work are those of the still MIA what’s on we planned to feature, and the contents page needs a move around and proper page numbers assigning to it.

It’s been great to be heavily involved with something like this. As much as I’ve quite enjoyed taking on the role of art director, I hope I haven’t potentially taken away from some of the rest of our group what they could have learnt about InDesign while I compiled the magazine myself.

Next time, I would almost like the magazine to be heavily structured and channeled in terms of content and what the magazine is targeting. I feel like this would give me more time to be artistically free and come up with more innovative layouts and page structure.

It’s been interesting to see what other groups have done too, with some of the work looking fantastic and certainly something I could see in it’s own magazine, and I wonder if the same could be said of our little project? I’m really glad that I’ve taken on something like this, as you tend to learn a lot about yourself from it, and so am very much looking forward to the second half of the year’s Magazine Production, and what that offers me.


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