Flare Magazine: Reflective Blog IV

The Christmas break certainly slowed the process down considerably, with less content submitted to me to add to the magazine through InDesign.

To be clear, most of the articles were laid out in InDesign by the people in our group that wrote them. They would send them to me so I could add the consistency layers, such as page numbers, headers and footers, and change anything that didn’t match the colour scheme as a few examples. A few of the things I laid out entirely on my own, such as contents pages, my own features, anything that wasn’t really assigned to anyone and some aspects where the content could be quickly dropped in the document and a title and photo added. This was made much easier with templates.

We still don’t have a front cover. It’s getting to the point where it needs to be done, whereas before we were putting it off as we weren’t sure what would feature in the magazine. We certainly have an idea of what could feature, but don’t know for sure, and is something that needs work.

The magazine is certainly getting there visually. The ‘page completed’ count is growing by the day, and I’m working on the project whenever an idea for design comes to me. I must say, it’s really handy being able to work on it from home, whenever I like!


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