Flare Magazine: Reflective Blog III

Getting heated this week. We all have our content (apologies for not updating while that was happening), but it was a very individual process and I feel that the majority of the work will be putting the magazine together.

Simple things like getting a universal font for the magazine, took a ridiculous amount of effort, and on multiple occasions were unanimously agreed upon bar one person. As self-nominated art director (and quickly regretting it), my body of work was made considerably more difficult when we couldn’t all agree on the basics.

Colours took quite a while to lay down as well. Rob in particular argued for a black and white magazine. Although it would have looked exactly the clean and modern style we wanted for the magazine, I feel the articles would have been lacking any distinctiveness, and there are other ways to keep consistency without making it bland. Sorry, Rob!

Regardless, those issues were quickly overcome, and templates could be drawn up from the flat plans that Bodhi and myself made up for each section of the magazine. Of course, these were frequently revised, with section headers slimmed down, contents pages outlined and drafted up, rough copies made for each article, and discussion on how many pages would be needed for them. From that, we could make a list of what needed to go where in the magazine.



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