Flare Magazine: Reflective Blog II

We came back full of inspiration for how we wanted to make the magazine, what we wanted to fill it with and how we wanted the content to look. We got to work on a mood board straight away, noting down the size of the magazine we wanted to create, little things we felt the magazine should have throughout (like consistent fonts and sizes, colour and formatting for a clean look) and anything in particular that we liked about other magazines – or didn’t.

We also came up with a name this week, Flare. A play on the word ‘flair’, meaning an artistic prowess or a distinctive style, flare is defined as something that burns bright with a sudden intensity.

24/7 was a magazine we drew a lot of our likenesses and inspiration from. We liked the size and the style of the magazine overall. We also liked the type of content found in it, as it was arts/lifestyle/travel magazine. We all agreed however, that the font size was far too small for the size of the page.

We came back the following week with a mood board assembled and a short presentation to the rest of the seminar with our ideas for the magazine. We also compiled a SWOT analysis.


  • It is a niche demographic yet there is still a reasonably large audience in students.
  • The magazine will be able to provide people with plenty of information such as reviews, features and news.
  • The magazine will be focused on and distributed locally.


  • We worried that because the magazine was spread across so many topics, that it wouldn’t be detailed enough where it needed to be.
  • Aspects of the market may be saturated such as the music aspect. There is also quite a lot of media aimed at a similar demographic, but fortunately not in Cornwall.


  • We felt there were plenty of options for brand extensions, like social media and publishing the final product online (Issuu or the like).
  • On top of this we had the idea of putting on a ‘House Gig Day’ whereby various musicians and artists played, performed and worked in various rooms of the house.


  • The main threat we identified was 24/7 magazine as they are the closest thing to us in Cornwall.
  • There were also smaller more specialised threats such as music magazines like NME.

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