Flare Magazine: Reflective Blog I

As part of magazine production, our end goal for this module is to create a magazine as a group, under a particular theme or area and create it from scratch, including the content that goes into it, how it’s laid out, designing it and printing.

That group was made up of myself, Bodhi Jon, Laura Richards, Rob Slade, Mitch Waddon and Jasmin Stopford. We assigned roles between the group fairly, and I took on the role of art director, shaping the magazine visually and creating articles from content.

As a magazine that is yet nameless, our group has come together to create something that we feel would appeal to the University population that there is in Falmouth. As such, and as the University being prominently recognised as excelling at the Arts, we decided to base our magazine around that. Featuring content relative to Music, Film, Events and Illustration, the basic direction of our magazine was established.

We decided that research was the best place to start, seeing what other magazines exist that do a similar job, sourcing University magazines as another point of reference. The plan was to come back the next week with a few articles of design interest, mock ups for flat plans, a rough idea of what could go where and what fonts we wanted. Of course, we also needed to start thinking about exactly what we’d fill the magazine with.


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