Re-upload: Falmouth Beach Hotel Fire

A catastrophic fire at the Falmouth Beach Hotel flared up this week, destroying all but 16 of the 120 rooms available.

No major casualties were reported, but the fire service, police and even a coastguard helicopter were called upon to tackle the blaze, with as many as ten fire crews on the scene at the peak of the incident.

“One individual is suffering from minor smoke inhalation and has been seen by a GP, but nobody else [has] reported to us or [the] ambulance at the moment,” said Superintendent of Devon and Cornwall Police, John Green.

There were 12 people still unaccounted for the day after the fire, but have since reported to emergency services as previously asked.

Efforts to dampen the flames were much less effective in the stormy weather, with the wind not only making it increasingly difficult for fire hoses but also spreading the fire across the building extremely quickly.

The incident quickly became big news, with many press agencies on site from Cornwall and nationwide.

Superintendent Green was also quick to praise the actions of the hotel staff: “It was a well evacuated hotel, well done by the hotel management, to a designated rest centre.”

Gylly Beach Cafe became a temporary rest shelter for those staying at the hotel while the inferno was tackled. The student favourite is now open again since the clean-up has finished.

The cause of the fire is not confirmed, but speculation that a blowtorch used to carry out maintenance work on the roof started the fire is the looking the most likely at the time of writing.

“When it’s been made safe by the fire brigade we’ll put investigation teams in there to establish what the cause of the fire was, whether it was criminal or accidental,” Green added.



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