Guest Lecture: Suzie Smith

Being able to take on many aspects of Journalism is exactly what Suzie Smith, editor of Cornwall Living would look for in a job applicant.

“If I can hire somebody that can write and can also go, ‘I have had a little twiddle with a video camera’ then [I’ll] probably go with that person.”

Suzie’s best advice was to always be on time, enthusiastic and polite. As she put it “you never know who you may need a favour from in the future”.

She believes that having a bit of knowledge about as much as you can is the key to getting your foot in the door. However, Smith praised the importance of social networking, since the main reason behind her employment was being ‘head-hunted’ via LinkedIn.

However, when using social networking sites she was fully aware of how business and personal lives don’t (and shouldn’t) mix. Smith said a good workaround was to have two accounts, using the example of Twitter.

“I would say it is really, really important to just separate your professional life from your personal and your private life.”

Suzie recommended you should apply for as much work experience as possible and use social networking to promote yourself. She praised anyone who decided to tweet about their work experience, as it showed potential employers what you have behind you and your strengths and weaknesses within that.

To finish her lecture, Suzie added: “If you’re a journalist, you’re always a journalist, keeping thinking and talking to people and consume as much journalism as you can.”



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