Guest Lecture: Paul du Noyer

“Do everything they ask of you,” was what advice Paul du Noyer had for a guest lecture. “You’ll always gain from whatever it is,” be it work variety, experience or even something completely different altogether.

Paul started as a freelance journlalist for NME, where he managed to get his foot in the door, and advising that that is the most important step. He became a full time journalist from 1979, where he went on to cover Live Aid and many of the riot stories made infamous of that era.

He worked on ‘The Hit’, a magazine launched for young men to fill a large gap he and his co-workers felt there was in the market. Unfortunately, the project was shelved just under ten weeks later.

It was to be replaced by ‘Q’ magazine, which was a success, and it still exists today. He felt that they did well for not advertising as loudly as they had done for ‘The Hit’. One of the biggest success stories for the magazine was getting U2 on the front cover, just as they became well known. As Paul said, it gave the magazine a “huge boost in sales”.

From there he moved on to Mojo magazine, where he managed to secure covers with Paul Weller and David Bowie, among many others, before moving to work with a group of friends on a project. They didn’t release a public magazine for over a year, but eventually shedding light on ‘Heat’ magazine.

Everything they had worked on was changed to fit a larger audience, where Paul acknowledged Big Brother’s commercial success as the same for his magazine. “Big Brother helped propel us forwards… and Heat magazine made Big Brother,” he said.

After more than 30 years in journalism, Paul is now involved with online management of property, which involves launching websites for already successful websites.



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