News: Hodgson Announces Full Euro Squad

Roy Hodgson has now unveiled his full European Championship squad after only recently being appointed manager of the England team.

Most recently coach of the West Bromwich Albion side, and second favourite for many behind Harry Redknapp for the national side, Hodgson has today announced the side he will be taking to the Euros.

The lineup he has announced is:

GK:  Hart, Green, Ruddy
DF:  Johnson, Jones, Terry, Lescott, Cahill, Cole, Baines
MD: Walcott, Downing, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gerrard, Barry, Lampard, Parker, Young, Milner
ST:   Rooney, Carroll, Welbeck, Defoe

Update: Gerrard has been announced as captain for the team.

A slightly controversial, but similar to previously selected England squad. The inclusion of a poor form Downing is questionable, and the occlusion of Crouch, Lennon, Sturridge and Micah Richards is noticeable, and will only be called upon of Hodgson’s national (in)experience with England.

Addressing a press conference, Hodgson admitted that the leaving out of Richards was due to the loss of Walker to a toe injury. He praised Jones for his recent performances and “based on a footballing decision” had to pick him over the Man City defender.

Hodgson is of course the only English speaking, England manager who has never played football at a professional level. We can only wait to see what impact this has on the national side, but from a league view his 2008-09 season with Fulham was hailed ‘Fulham’s best ever’ with their qualification for the Europa Cup, and multiple nominations for Manager of the Season.

If it was myself in charge (which would never happen, but a man can dream) my starting XI would be:

GK:  Hart
DF:  Cole, Lescott, Terry, Richards
MD: Milner, Parker, Lampard, Young
ST:   Rooney, Sturridge

If you have a line up you think should be the Euro’s starting XI, leave a comment below and I’ll tweet them out. Otherwise, leave a like, follow me on Twitter and keep checking the blog for daily posts.



2 thoughts on “News: Hodgson Announces Full Euro Squad”

  1. Roy tends to opt for a 4 man midfield.

    Out of the current crop I would say he’d go for this for the first game…providing Parker’s fit.

    Johnson Lescott Terry Cole
    Young Lampard Parker Downing


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