News: Free MW3 ‘Face Off’ Maps Today

In an unexpected move, Activision are today releasing their new game mode Face Off, with two free purpose built maps, first on Xbox Live.

Aground and Erosion are the two maps made available to all, as a move to promote what the developers are calling a “brand new play style” and something that they haven’t done before for previous Call of Duty games. The new mode involves one on one or two against two games, in extremely close quarters situations.

As well as the free maps, there are two more Face Off maps for ELiTE subscribers named Getaway and Lookout, as well as a full size map called Oasis, all made available today. Also included are two new Spec Ops missions, Iron Clad and Killswitch, as well as the two previously released maps, Sanctuary and Foundation.

To get the new content, start your MW3 game, and select ‘Store’ from the multiplayer menu. Note: Many people are claiming that the Store doesn’t show new items unless they clear the Xbox System cache. To find out how to do this, follow the guide at the link here.

Expect a thorough review of the new content before the end of the week so you can decide whether or not it is worth your time and money.



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