#SSS: Week 19

Welcome back to the first issue of a redesigned ‘Something Old, Something New, Something I Can’t Stop Listening To’. The drill if you have forgotten is this: I pick three pieces of music, that reflect on what I’ve been listening to across the week. One of which is old, one that’s new, and something I keep playing over and over. That’s it.

A quick reminder of the new features to note. Clicking through the song title will take you to a Spotify link where you can purchase the song. Likewise, clicking on the artist name will take you to their official website. The band photo has been replaced with a YouTube link to the song, and I’ve included buttons to follow the band in question on Twitter.

Something Old:
Pursuit of HappinessKid Cudi

Not to be confused with the elegant Lissie cover, one of Kid Cudi‘s more popular (read: mainstream) tracks got my golden oldie attention this week. Spurred on by the Steve Aoki remix made famous by Project X, the original mixes content lyrics with a memorable melody that stitches the song together perfectly. A staple of my late teen years, Kid Cudi music has become one of the artists I relax to.


Something New:
Running (Disclosure Remix)Jessie Ware

I’m going to be completely honest here. I haven’t heard any of Jessie Ware‘s original material. But the Disclosure remix of this track is fantastic. Her sultry vocals are the perfect filling for what actually comes across as a house track that doesn’t need all the bass. She is set to he a huge artist this year, with 110% becoming Fearne Cotton‘s track of the week and a few big festival appearances to boot. It’s another chill out tune and highly deserving of my new track of the week.


Something I Can’t Stop Listening To:
AftershowThe Courteeners

The Courteeners on the other hand, I’ve heard plenty of. Possibly too much. But nevertheless, this time last year I hadn’t heard of them and it was only after the Isle Of Wight Festival where they played a fantastic set that I decided to take the plunge and pick up their second album. As far as moody Oasis-alike bands from Manchester go, The Courteeners Aftershow has to be one of the standout tracks on the disc, with a misleading start that turns into a powerful and equally as catchy track completely worthy of a chance from you reading this too.


That’s it. Three tracks that across the week have been my old, new and most listened to songs. Let me know what you think, because it helps me get content out that you enjoy or anything you can suggest. Leave something in the comment box, follow me on Twitter underneath to find out when each week’s feature is released, and give the post a share if you liked it. See you next week!



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