Feature: Why I Love My iPod Again

In the final months of last year, I wasn’t best pleased with my current MP3 player. An iPod Touch, but near on three years old, it was as sluggish as can be, and missing out on the latest software because of Apple’s decision to leave the most popular generation of iPod Touch out in the cold.

For that reason and along with many other factors, a few months ago I got a brand new phone, a HTC Sensation XE. It’s my first decent phone of the time, with a fully fledged camera, a whole host of apps, slick interface and the main draw, a great media player bundled with a pair of high-end (read: expensive) Beats headphones for free.

It was a great period, I had more than double the memory to play with (which fit almost all of my music on) it had great sound, I could play games on the bus and not annoy everyone next to me but most importantly, it wasn’t painfully slow and a dreadful process to just listen to some music when I wanted to.

I listen to music more than most. When I’m at home I almost always have music playing in the background (unless the TV is on instead), I can’t walk/travel long distances without music and sound quality is at an utmost priority when purchasing and importing new songs and albums.

However, that honeymoon period is fading. Although the Ice Cream Sandwich update gave the interface a bit of a clean up, it was becoming annoying to sync new music to it (MacBooks and HTC’s aren’t exactly best friends) and less and less music could fit on it for the growing number of memory-hogging photos and apps being installed to my phone.

Then I found my old iPod. Great memories came flooding back of the intuitive scroll wheel, the blue and white simple display and I instantly felt back where I belonged.

The simplicity of plugging it into my computer and my music being there when I unplugged it was such a breath of fresh air. Even something as small as the smooth scrolling and so the ability to rediscover old music was something sorely missed.

Paired up with my new headphones, the sound quality is fantastic. Scratches, dents and nicks aside, it’s still a simple modern masterpiece, and I can’t believe I ever went away.


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