Instagram for Android Now Available

Instagram has just released their highly popular app on the Android platform.

Emails were sent out in the past few hours to those who signed up for such a notification as to when the app would be available on the Google platform.

The photography app that allows users to add simple filters and share photos to social networks has long been requested on Android phones, but was finally announced at SXSW just over two weeks ago, with no release date. At the beginning of last week however, a sign up page appeared on the Instagram site, prompting would be Android snappers to add their email to be ‘notified first’ when the app became available.

The iPhone version has been available for a year and a half, since the app first launched in October 2010. Since then it has accumulated over 27 million users and is growing. Naturally, the Android release will only further increase those figures.

The link for the download from the Play Store is available here and this post will be updated as soon as possible, with reviews, sample images and the like when I get the chance to play around with it.


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