Something Old, Something New, Something I Can’t Stop Listening To (March, I)

Welcome back. You know the drill by now, so get ready to see what I’ve been listening to this week, the first one of March.

Remember, the format is this: I pick three pieces of music, that reflect on what I’ve been listening to across the week. One of which is old, one that’s new, and something I keep playing over and over. That’s it.

Again, there’s a couple of new features to note. Clicking through the song title will take you to an iTunes link where you can purchase the song. Likewise, clicking on the artist name will take you to their official website. The music player is now much smaller to focus on the content, and I’ve included buttons to follow the band in question on Twitter.

Something Old:
Shoot The RunnerKasabian 

|titles=Shoot The Runner|artists=Kasabian]

One of my all time favourite British bands, Kasabian continue to keep up impressions with each album they bring out. That said, Shoot The Runner is one of the best. the foot tapping overdriven electric guitar signals the start of a beat that everyone recognises, to preface the catchy anthem lyrics, that have to be bellowed. One of their most famous tracks true, but doesn’t take away anything from one of their best.

Something New:
Wild OnesFlo Rida

|titles=Wild Ones|artists=Flo Rida (feat. Sia)]

Now I’m definitely not Flo Rida‘s biggest fan. Far from it. But Sia makes this song for me, her voice fantastically atmospheric, even overlaying a dance track like this. Most notably in the recent David Guetta – Titanium song, where he even admitted she was used as a placeholder to be swapped with another artist until he heard how good she was. Sia grows from strength to strength. This tune manages a happy mood, much like most Avicii tracks do, and so for that (regardless of Flo Rida) this is my new track of the week.

Something I Can’t Stop Listening To:
Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)Two Door Cinema Club

|titles=Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)|artists=Two Door Cinema Club]

I was introduced to this a while back, but this week I had my love for it rekindled with the SSX Soundtrack, and I’ve been listening to it for the whole seven days, as if they were my last. Released on the deluxe edition of their album, the Twelves Remix retains the upbeat and perky indie melody that the band are famous for. Obviously with a different direction but retaining most of what made the original popular, the remix is an electronic and bouncy take on what was already a cracking tune.

So there we have it. Three tracks to represent my week, old, new and repeated. Keep telling me what you think, because I want to try theme weeks, relative to just one artist, genre or anything you can suggest. Leave something in the comment box, follow me on Twitter underneath to find out when each week’s feature is released, and give the post a share if you liked it. See you next week!


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