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SSX Soundtrack

EA releases the full list – any that you recognise?

Although only a few songs are available on the demo, there are 36 pieces of music in total. The SSX soundtrack has been released, and EA has revealed the list.

Well known for their choice in music and ‘EA Trax‘ system, they have gone for a much more electronic soundtrack than the reknowned FIFA indie style of music, or Skate-esque alternative genre.

Also in game this time around is a live remixing engine that adjusts the track playing depending on how well you are scoring, with loops, scratching and the ‘It’s Tricky’ – Run DMC remix overlapping when you string together enough combos.

Of course, you can import your own music and have that playing in game and while browsing the globe menu, and it even works with the live remix engine that was mentioned above.

So, all of the songs are available individually below, by following the song title. If you’d like to listen to 34 of the 36 (as two of the below listed songs were not yet available on YouTube) as a playlist, that is included below the track list.

To watch all of the videos, as a playlist, follow this link.

If you appreciate the time and effort it took to compile this list, and adding links and compiling a playlist for you to listen to on YouTube, like this post to return easily, leave a comment on what you would like to see updated, or even give my Twitter a follow.


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