Visit to Perranporth Beach

So today I travelled to Perranporth, which is a little town about half an hour drive from where I’m currently studying in Falmouth.

I took a couple of pictures of the cliffs and beach, which you can see by following the link.

It was probably the first coastline I’d been to this academic year in the county, with the local Gyllyngvase¬†beach not counting of course. In comparison, this was a huge sandy plain, with large whitewater waves breaking often.

The town itself sits in a sink on the South West coast of England, with the Celtic Sea bridging the gap between Perranporth and Ireland. As such, it’s surrounded by cliff walks, and hills to traverse around the town edges.

We found a Wetherspoons to sit in after braving the sea, but there are plenty of surf shops, small cafes and pubs that are obviously geared toward the tourism aspect the town hopes to entertain to.

To be honest, it was very reminiscent of a ghost town. With most places like this, there is no custom at all except for the summer months where the demand is huge. On the beach there were a handful of surfers, dog walkers and the like, anyone who felt like braving the cold.

Anyway, the few pictures I took I thought I’d share with you. They aren’t fantastic quality, just what I could snap on my new phone, as my proper camera is out in Berlin visiting galleries with my girlfriend.

The general consensus was of how nice the surrounding areas were and what other places nearby we could visit – but perhaps better prepared than we came! Hopefully more posts will come of that.

If you want to see more posts like this, leave some feedback in the comment section. All shares and responses are much appreciated!


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