Packing for Uni: The Ones Who Don’t Leave Home

Behind the elation of meeting entry requirements, exam results and results parties – there’s the pitfalls, namely packing everything I own into a car sized space and leaving the only home I’ve known for the best part of eighteen years.

Of course, with those negativities now outweighing the positives that are more than a week and a half old, and the day I leave fast approaching – it becomes much more real what will soon be happening. I’ve read countless times that “you’ll love Uni so much, you’ll soon forget about everything – you have so much fun” but I can’t really forget what I have right now, and have always been used to. I mean, it’s more that I feel bad for my parents. After all this time, money and effort they’ve put into looking after me I can’t even repay them – I just swan off into the horizon. I wish it wasn’t like that. If I asked them, I know they would probably say that they are happy that I’m happy – that I’m doing well at school/college/university and that’s all the repayment they need. But I hope somewhere that they maybe also feel like it isn’t quite the same without me there.

Okay come on, you’re saying. Lighten up, maybe. Yes, I’m normally a half-full sort of guy. I can visit them at Reading Week and when I have Christmas and Summer off right? Well, yes but I know the atmosphere will have changed. I’ll be a guest and not a permanent fixture which I know will feel completely obscure after all this time. It would probably help if I wasn’t more than six hours away, studying at Falmouth in the very southwest of the country.

But it’s not all bad. I’m learning what I love: writing. That would be my advice to anyone thinking that they want to go to University too. Do what you like doing. You’re always much better at the subject/topic if you’re interested in it. Don’t worry about the money, the potential job, the scene. Do it because it entertains you and you won’t get bored of it. Also, I have unintentionally ended up with my girlfriend at the same University. We have a fairly serious relationship at nearly three years and we weren’t originally intending to go the same way (even though she told me that I could take Journalism at Falmouth) and I applied for five other Universities. it wasn’t until I was rejected by all of them that I went through UCAS Extra and found vacancies there. Since, I’ve been impressed with the facilities and all the other boring stuff. We knew we’d probably stay together regardless because of how close we were anyway but you always have the nagging doubt. When I received my results and then confirmation of my place – it was euphoria not only that she would be not far away – but more than anything that I was actually going to University – something I wasn’t expecting when being rejected by other Universities.

It is more of a comfort factor than anything. Something (and in this case, someone) I have known for a long period of the recent part of my life will never be that far away. That’s reassuring and safe. As hard as we all might be, the prospect of starting something completely alien to us, be it living away from home, a new job, fatherhood or facing the unknown, it’s always important to have another view, another opinion and another foothold.

In leaving my parents behind to read what I hope to make into a full time job and earn a living from my little hobby one day, I can only hope that being in the same boat as those who have also left for University quickly gives me a standing for the future, people I will always be able to turn to and a place to look back on and remember fondly.



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