Interning at FHM: The First Week

Last week I had an email asking if I’d be able to help out at FHM starting Monday and I happily accepted. It’s my fourth time returning to help out and this time I’m being paid to do so, with the amount of work (particularly in the coming days) mounting to much more than previously.

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Do Books Translate from YouTube?

Every YouTuber under the sun these days seems to have a new book under their predominately digital arms. It’s a big deal. Many of the top bloggers have millions of fans, and the only return from that is what YouTube gives them from ad revenue.

To dial it back a few years for those who aren’t up to speed – YouTube is a massively popular platform for uploading videos, and there are now a lot of people who upload videos to it full-time, and get paid pretty handsomely for it.

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How I Spent My Easter

I’m very aware that this could be fairly reminiscent of the infamous ‘What I did on my Summer Holiday’ paper set back when you’re six years old, full of tragic spelling mistakes and comma-less sentence atrocities. But I don’t have much of an excuse having not updated my blog for three weeks, and I’ve been much busier than normal.

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